Kim Recalma-Clutesi

Kim Recalma-Clutesi, Ogwiloqwa

Kwaxkwaka 'wakwKim Recalma-Clutesi

"In true service, humility is the greatest aspect of ourselves we possess to live in accordance with our laws and with our own people."

Kim is the daughter of late Clan Chief Ewanuxdzi of Qualicum B.C. Through him she received extensive political background during the formative years for Southern Vancouver Island Tribal Federation, the communications network, the R.A.V.E.N. Society, the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs and the Native Brotherhood of B.C. Chief Ewanuxdzi was a central figure for all of these organizations. She has served over the past 3 decades on dozens of local, provincial and national Aboriginal NGOs, advisory committees and societies, offering a unique cultural, academic and political perspective and bridging to each organization she has been invited to join.

Kim received extensive training from Ninogad (cultural specialists, Clan Chief Adam Dick/Kwaxsistala, Dr. Daisy Sewid- Smith/Mayanilth) of her Nation who carry inherited ancestral teachings associated with being in balance with both the natural and supernatural worlds. Kim graduated from the University of Victoria in the Administration of Aboriginal Governance/History and studied Broadcast Communications at B.C.I.T.

Kim also has a growing list of production credits including: Associate Producer, Researcher and cultural content supervisor of National Geographic Channel's production, Ancient Sea Gardens: Mystery of the Pacific Northwest; Spirit of Renewal ‘93 & '94 (Coast Salish, Kwagiulth, Nuu-chah-nulth Participants) at the University of Victoria; and Associate Producer for the Opening Ceremonies XV Commonwealth Games: Legend of Kawadillikala in Victoria in 1994. More Recently Kim has produced, directed and written Remnants of the Past, an educational production for BC's Ministry of Transportation to assist with identifying and protecting archaeology sites; She has recently completed an award winning APTN/Knowledge Network documentary, Smoke From His Fire, which she co-produced, directed, wrote and narrated. This documentary explores the century of legislative oppression against Aboriginal people in Canada and is focused primarily on her own Nation's response to that time.

Kim has been recording and publishing academically Clan Chief Adam Dick's cultural and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) for two decades. She is presently collaborating with Dr. Nancy Turner and Dr. Doug Deur on a new publication of this body of work.

Currently, Kim advises the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Child and Family Development, the Commanding Officer of "E' Division of the RCMP and Dr. Philip Cook of the International Institute for Child Rights and Development regarding traditional mechanisms and ceremonies, which strengthen and protect children, families and communities.


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